Help Us Change Lives.


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$250 changes a life forever with a full year scholarship

Bring knowledge to the world.

Spread what you’ve learned in kindness.


Education can change a country. This one time donation of $250 allows a child to get all they need to attend a full year of school. You are giving a child a new mind set on the world through education. Your $250 will give full tuition, school supplies, textbooks, a backpack, and a school uniform. This not only will give a child a improved life, but also a better mindset on the kindness of people.   


Change a Life

GIVE an education.

1 in 6

One in six Filipino children are not in school. This is a statistic we can change. This is something we can change overnight. By each full year scholarship, you are placing a child back in school.      

$50 towards a Full Scholarship

We travel to the Phillipines twice a year as well as have many connections there.
This allows us to send supplies and be assured that each $250 goes to fund a full year
of education for one child. 100% of the donation goes towards the cause.
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